Acusculpting® is a specialized cosmetic acupuncture protocol designed to firm, lift, tighten and shape the skin on the face & body.
*All acupuncture treatments below are eligible for reimbursement by medical insurance through MSP or extended health.  

Insurance direct billing available.

Facial Rejuvenation
$100 | approx 60 min
10 tx AcuPack $900

Origins: The practice of facial rejuvenation therapies has an extensive and rich history in Traditional Chinese Medicine from herbs and dietary adjustments to acupuncture. Some say that Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture was originally developed to treat patients with facial paralysis caused by a stroke - the results were so cosmetically pronounced that it was developed further into a specialized program for anti-aging and beauty.   

Goods: Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is not only a safe and effective way to firm up the skin but the treatment has value beyond beauty. As a holistic whole body treatment,  this specialized acupuncture protocol balances out hormones and the internal system so patients may also experience better sleep, improved digestion and regular bowel movements all essential for a youthful appearance.   

Method: A course of facial rejuvenation acupuncture consists of 10 treatments (twice a week).  During treatment, tiny stainless steel needles are inserted into the face which manipulate the collagen within the tissues of the skin. This causes a ‘plumping’ effect (due to micro-damage caused by the needles which triggers the body to heals itself with cell regeneration) and fine lines/wrinkles can be erased. 

Side effects:  Many patients report that their skin feels firmer and tighter and some people notice a difference in their skin tone after just one treatment. A common testimonial is that the overall facial appearance looks ‘rested’, that the eyes are brighter and previously sagging skin has been ‘lifted’. Bruising may occur.

Healthy Hair
$100 | approx 60 min
10 tx AcuPack $900

Origins: Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for anti-aging. It can balance hormones, help to prevent disease and treat premature aging. Hair is related to the more vital parts of the body such as the internal organs and the blood. 
Goods: Acupuncture can be very effective to treat alopecia. Whether premature hair loss is hereditary or caused by medication, medical conditions or pregnancy, acupuncture is an accessible, safe and holistic treatment. 

Method: 10 acupuncture sessions (per course). Multiple courses may be needed depending on the severity of hair loss. Treating hair loss with acupuncture is a long-term process which requires a lot of patience and dedication. The needles puncture key points of your head to improve blood circulation and the distribution of energy flow. This stimulates your hair follicles, as well as particular nerves and blood vessels of the head.  

Side effects:  There should be some change noted in the body after your first course of treatments - most people experience less hair falling out. Patients also enjoy acupuncture because it relaxes the body and calms the mind which is particularly helpful for those experiencing hair loss due to stress.

Body Reshaping
$100 | approx 60 min
10 tx AcuPack $900 (*$600)

Origins: Increasing qi flow (or life force) has been central to the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been around for 2000 years.   Energy lines or meridians flow through all areas of the body. When the energy is open and flowing we should have healthy and supportive skin. During a life time, internal factors (stress, medications, diet and improperly held emotions) and external factors (trauma, environment and lifestyle) can negatively affect the way the energy flows which can lead to abnormal or impeded skin function. 

Goods:  Acusculpting can lift breasts, reduce cellulite, support weight loss and reshape the body. It is a safe and natural alternative to more invasive procedures. 

Methods: A course of 10 treatments (twice a week). Using specific acupuncture protocols we can reinvigorate skin and merdian function to improve and modify the contures of the skin on the body. 

Side effects: Many patients report a feeling of overall wellbeing following a course of treatments.  Firming, lifting, tightening and shaping the skin on the body can be noted after just a few treatments.  Minor bruising may occur. 

I am very happy about the 30 inches that I lost from my arms, waist and hips during Illya’s acusculpting sessions and my chronic back pain disappeared after just a few treatments of acupuncture with Illya. I still feel very motivated and I am sleeping much better also.
— Maureen, Victoria, B.C.
I so appreciate Illya’s rejuvenating acupuncture. I had a saggy neck but Illya has changed everything with his magical touch. After two courses of treatments (approx 20 treatments) I am now happy with my neck and feel much younger.
— Colleen, Kelowna, B.C.


I have experienced very positive and effective results with Illya’s treatments - everything from acusculpting, Tui Na massage to Gua Sha. Both the Tui Na and Gua Sha were new to me but I had enjoyed both treatments very much. The Chinese massage Illya had used towards my ailments was able to provide relief-even more so when paired with acupuncture. I had undergone a series of Gua Sha and acupuncture sessions to target cellulite. The results were noticeable within a couple of treatments and significant changes to my body ensued following a series of 10 acusculpting treatments. The overall well-being that came along with the treatments was an added bonus beyond my expectations. The advice given alongside was very useful and greatly appreciated. Illya provided a comfortable and professional practice and inspired and influenced me to maintain my own personal happiness and health. I look forward to working with Illya again.
— April, Victoria, B.C.
I received 3 treatments a week from Illya and by the 2nd treatment my measurements started to go down. The 10 extra pounds I had been carrying for the last few years started to disappear, but the most impressive part was the reshaping of my upper arms and thighs. These are the two areas of my body where I tend to store extra weight - my most stubborn areas that have been most difficult, if not impossible to tone... By the end of the acusculpting treatments, I had lost over 15inches all over my body. In addition, I felt the best I had in a long time. My family and coworkers noticed both my energy change and the change in my figure. This treatment set me back on course for the healthy lifestyle that I aspire to maintain. I plan on using Illya’s treatment regularly as a way to maintain my health and figure.
— Emily, Victoria, B.C.
Having had breast-fed years ago, a friend had suggested acusculpting with Illya to improve the appearance of my breasts. Since breastfeeding, I had found the tissue to be lumpy and congested. After approximately 9 treatments, my breasts became tighter and smoother in texture and appearance and they even increased almost a full cup size! With the given results, I then decided to treat my cellulite. Out of the 4 stages, I was a stage 2 of cellulite. After my series of treatments, I am now a stage 1. I have noticed that the tissues in my legs are firmer, smoother as well as one inch thinner! During my treatments I could also feel energy glowing up and down my legs. I was able to enter a meditative state and I enjoying leaving each treatment in a state of bliss.
— Brittany, Victoria, B.C.